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How can your company attract women in technology after their career break

Diversity in the tech industry is critical if organisations want to build high performing teams. Read this article to find out how hiring managers can attract the best female technology talent.

How to write a great technology CV

When starting your technology job search, a strong CV is the key to getting your foot in the door with a potential employer. Read this article to see what our expert said.

Life as a project manager

The professionals tasked with managing these large projects are IT project managers. Here we look at the finer details of the role and the skills required to succeed.

Tips for a career change into IT

For those looking to enter the field, finding your niche and marketing your skill set in the right way will be crucial to a successful career move.

Breaking into IT Sales & Marketing

If you’re interested in the more creative side of a supposedly ‘technical’ sector, then sales & marketing within information technology is right for you.

Use technology in job search

Which are the best tools to find the perfect job and what are the best ways to use them? Here are the different forms of technology and platforms that can help enhance your job search.

Networking for IT professionals

Being visible in your organisation is now more important than ever in your career progression. Here are some tips to get yourself noticed.

Becoming a CIO

Many aspiring IT professionals dream of being in the top spot one day. We look at what it really take to become a Chief Information Officer (CIO)?