So you want to work in hedge funds


Hedge fund roles are extremely popular for its high earning potential and potentially better work-life balance as compared to similar high returns jobs.

However, it remains one of the most competitive jobs in the industry, and only the cream of the crop in investment banks are admitted to this profession. So, what exactly does it take to get into hedge funds?


Getting ahead

To excel in hedge funds, you should have a strong background in investment banking and experience in the area of funds you want to work with. Professional qualifications like CFA will be very useful, and you will have to prove yourself as an independent and driven worker. If you are currently working in an operations role, getting some experience in the front office will also be advantageous.

Who can do this job

If you were previously working in a large investment bank, you may be in for a shock. The level of infrastructure and support that you get in hedge fund firms is much lesser than that of well established banks, and this means more initiative and independence on your part. Given the highly fragmented nature of the hedge funds market in Asia, you will also have to be comfortable working in a small firm or environment. Working hours can be as long as investment banking, and is highly subjected to the company and the individual.

Hiring trends and career progression

While massive bonuses are only true at top hedge fund firms, competition for the job is still heavy in the Asian region. There is an increasing demand for professionals from an operation, trading, or compliance background, and hiring lookout remains healthy in 2012. Hedge fund professionals can look to progress from an analyst to an associate role, moving into other hedge funds or back into banking. Overall, hedge fund jobs remain an attractive option to risk-taking individuals.

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