Say yes to contracting


A job for life is a thing of the past. Contract work has been embraced by the West but is only slowly finding a foothold in Asia.

Despite challenges, contracting is the way forward to a more mature workforce culture in Hong Kong.

What contracting is about

Contracting is when a specialist is hired for a fixed time, and typically, paid a premium to complete a task.

This work style suits both employers and contractors. Employees have better options such as new environments and more attractive compensation packages. Additionally, organisations get a chance to acquire expert talent for high-profile projects, without investing in permanent hires.

Specialists in technical or professional fields find that contracting gives them a chance to become expert individual contributors, as opposed to just taking on managerial roles – their other career choice.

Professionals with an open mind will find that contracting offers them numerous advantages. It offers a more flexible lifestyle whilst broadening the limits and horizons for a professional. A contract could also potentially forge a well-rounded and exponential career path.

How contracting can work for you

Here are some reasons why professionals should consider a potential contract job offer:

  • It can open the door to a new industry or type of work
  • You can earn income in-between jobs and try out a role without commitment, before deciding to take it on long-term
  • You can gain exposure to new technologies and projects across the industry in a short time. Your additional skills and knowledge can be valuable additions to your resume
  • Securing a contract job with a large multinational corporation can be used as a platform to display your potential, and then to open the gateway to further employment opportunities within that company
  • You can command higher fees from one contract to another, and not have to wait for annual salary increments
  • You will have more freedom and flexibility to plan longer holidays and go for training to upgrade your skills

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