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Our portfolio of industry whitepapers take an in-depth look at the key recruitment trends and talent management issues impacting employers today. Produced on a regularly basis, the whitepapers form a series of publications designed to assist employers in developing their recruitment approach and talent strategies.

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Symptoms of Dysfunction in Hybrid Working

Hybrid working raises tough questions, in this report we have surveyed thousand of employees world for practical insights and solutions for employers and hiring managers worldwide. Download our free guide today.

The future of the finance function

We wanted to understand what the future of the finance function will look like and surveyed over 5,500 professionals and 2,200 global companies across 31 countries worldwide, to find out what factors will continue to drive change within the finance function in the next few years.

Redefining the Future Business Leader

In this e-guide, we interviewed 9 business leaders from diverse industries across the world, to hear their experience and valuable lessons learnt while steering their companies through the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting ‘new normal’.

Hiring for Potential: In the 4th Industrial Revolution Eguide

In this e-guide we will explore the impact of the 4th industrial revolution on talent acquisition and how your organisation can future proof itself by hiring for potential rather than current skill set.

The role of HR in the new world of work - download the e-guide

HR professionals have been on the frontline of managing the impact of COVID-19 on business continuity. This e-guide discusses areas in which HR can have a real impact on what the new normal will look like.

Burning the Candle: Strategies to combat workplace burnout

Today, millions of professionals are part of a global burnout culture. As they try to climb the career ladder, they are faced with more and more messages encouraging them to rise earlier, work harder and even sleep less.

Returning to the new world of work

Now we are at a point where many organisations are beginning to imagine life after lockdown. But what will the new world of work look like?

Remote Hiring

Is your business geared up for remote hiring? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote hiring to learn how to hire the best talent from home.

Remote Onboarding

Is your business geared up for remote onboarding? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote onboarding to learn how to hire, engage and onboard talent from home.

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