Delivering talent through data to drive business growth

With over 35 years’ experience in supporting the talent strategies of businesses across the globe, we have learned how to harness the power of data to help you make the best hiring decisions.

Coupling our recruitment experts with a dedicated market intelligence function means we can provide you with access to the world’s best specialist professionals.

Whether you are looking to diversify your workforce, grow your team, find in demand skills, or relocate a business function, we can make your hiring strategy thrive through a data led approach.

Our market intelligence team use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to deliver a unique approach to recruitment.

Our Market Intelligence services

Salary and Benefits Benchmarking

Using data to define compensation and benefits

Using a combination of our own recruitment data, publicly available insights and the knowledge of our recruitment experts, we build bespoke overviews of the compensation and benefits required to attract the best talent. 

  • Detailed compensation analysis by industry and role
  • Salary benchmarking
  • Benefits assessment

Talent & Market Mapping

Using data to identify the best professionals

Using our established data model we evaluate the availability of professionals to ensure our searches find the best talent through data led marketing campaigns across job advertising, social media and pro-active headhunting.

  • Find in demand talent 
  • Identify the best professionals from the competition
  • Uncover transferable skills  

Competitor Insights

Using data to understand your propositions vs your competitors 

Through our data research we can tell you what professionals are looking for in an employer and compare your offering to that of your competitors to ensure you know how to attract and retain the best talent.

  • What professionals value most in an employer
  • How your brand is perceived in the market
  • Changes needed to attract the best talent
  • Key hiring trends within your industry

Company Expansion & Relocation Analysis

Using data to define the best talent pools

Using both our own proprietary data and external sources we collect, normalize and model data to enable us to define the best talent pools within a given criteria.

  • Talent availability
  • Skill trends
  • Hiring demand
  • Competitor landscape

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Benefits of partnering with Robert Walters Market Intelligence team

Our agile mindset allows us to build collaborative partnerships with businesses to provide tailored, custom-made research that meets their specific requirements, allowing businesses to leverage on our sophisticated global research team, the latest market software, diverse & broad candidate network and subject-matter experts.

We use a wide variety of data sources combined with a methodical approach to ensure the accuracy and validity of our data, with in-depth statistical rigour to provide strong market analysis.

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