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Motivation in the workplace

With an incessant war for talent and the consequent brain drain across various industries in the job market, it is becoming increasingly crucial for organisations to instil motivation and maintain it within the workplace in order to boost work place satisfaction which in turn helps to sustain a productive office.

Plan training programmes for your staff

One solution to managing staff motivation and preventing high turnover is first-class succession planning. This starts with accepting that in this day and age, few people will spend their whole career within one organisation. In fact, movement between jobs, divisions and industries is very common and in most cases seen as a sign of ambition and versatility.

In order to hold on to quality staff, companies need to promote Learning and Development programmes.  Good candidates need to know there is a “next step” for them within their current company, so they do not feel the need to change jobs to further their career. Encourage your staff to suggest training programmes that they want or may be interested in and go from there.

Set goals for everyone

To inspire a general positive attitude within the workplace, senior staff must maintain a consistent policy of staff management. It is important people know where they stand and how they are assessed.  Setting clear priorities and responsibilities at the beginning of the year and outlining what needs to be achieved gives employees a goal.  Those who achieve their goals and complete what they have been designated are likely to feel a sense of achievement which will continue their motivation to excel in the workplace.

Recognise those who do well

Employees should be recognised amongst their colleagues when they have exceeded expectations or excelled in a certain project or area. Staff recognition should never be underestimated and is perhaps one of the most powerful motivational tools.  People like to be congratulated and made to feel that their hard work has been noticed. 

Giving staff rewards for their success is a tried and tested motivator.  Rewards can range from time off in lieu or ‘treats’ and certificates of congratulations can often have the same effect as a bonus. When employees have been in a position where they are rewarded and appreciated for their efforts, they are often reluctant to move away from this motivating and inspiring environment.


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