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We understand that no two organisations are the same. Find out more about how we've customised our recruitment offerings to help companies in Hong Kong meet their needs.

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Fancy yourself as an IT guru in Hong Kong?

Technology is changing rapidly and professionals have to keep up, or be left behind.

With digital transformation on the top of many business’s agenda, Robert Walters will share the tips on how to stay ahead in an industry where change is hard to predict. 

It’s not all about the nine to five

When you’re immersed in your day job, you are really only aware of your immediate surroundings. If your own employer is being left behind on tech, you won’t know that unless you are looking externally and gauging change in the market. Think about what you are doing outside your nine-to-five job to stay plugged in to emerging trends.

On Top of IT news and change of regulations

Agile transformation and cloud transformation, for example, have been reported and analysed at length in the media. So keep an eye on technology industry news to make sure you’re aware of changes in the market. In addition, make sure you are aware of any initiatives by the government so you are on top of the trends and national developments.

Expose yourself…to emerging technologies

You will find it more difficult to market yourself to a prospective employer if you haven’t thought about how technology may look in the future. So plan your career and ask questions in interviews about emerging and new technologies. Clarify what level of maturity any prospective employer has with those technologies.

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know

You must talk to people outside your own company to know what is changing in the market. More often than not, you can learn from other people’s experiences. Join networking events and hang out at a hackathon to share your skills with others.

Seek and ye shall find

Seek out and secure a mentor in the tech space; someone who is influential at an industry level, who will be involved in strategic planning for other organisations. They will often know what trends and changes are coming down the track.

Looking at independent training providers is a great way to review and update your development. They provide qualifications to upskill individuals in line with market demand.


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