Writing the perfect job description


In essence, a great job description showcases your role to the potential candidates looking for a role. You need to write your job description with the understanding that competitors will also be seeking a similar standard of professional out of the same candidate pool.

A great job description showcases a role to the potential candidates looking for a role.

A good job description will also focus your attention (and your recruiters) on what is really needed in the role. Whether it is a replacement hire or a newly created position, the nuances of a particular role will be clearly highlighted and provide a clear set of objectives to identify the most suitable candidate.

Done well, the job description will save time ensuring you see only the most relevant professionals. 

  • Job title - ask your consultant if your role title effectively sells the position
  • Department - outline how your team fits in with the wider organisation
  • Key summary on your company, including a line on culture and career progression
  • Reporting lines - who are the direct reports and any 'dotted line' reports
  • Specific key responsibilities - describe in detail but write them in an engaging way
  • Length of employment (i.e. is this going to be a permanent or contract position)
  • Qualifications required
  • Work experience/background - remember to differentiate what's essential and what's ideal
  • Salary and benefits

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