Managing and hiring remotely

The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant working professionals and jobseekers have had to adapt to working from home to maintain social distancing. While it's a new and challenging situation for us all, Robert Walters can support employers looking to hire and onboard new talent.

Take a look at our hiring advice on leveraging technology, managing remote teams and embedding new talent into your organisation when hiring and onboarding from your home office.

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How are employees in Singapore changing their perspectives on 'work'?

Our infographic presents invaluable insights to attracting, upskilling and bringing out the best in talent in a post-pandemic, hybrid workplace.

How do employees in Singapore feel about remote working?

Our compiled infographic presents an in-depth look of how employees are adapting to a future of increasingly remote and virtual workspaces.

How to effectively manage your staff remotely

Working from home or remote working has become the norm today. With the rise of remote working, businesses need to ensure that their managers and team-leads are well geared up to ensure successful remote management that drives productivity in their remote workforce.

Top tips to make a hiring decision without the physical handshake

How can you feel confident when making an offer to a candidate that you’ve never met face to face? Here are our top tips to tackle the final hiring decision remotely.

How to manage the hiring process remotely

Has your organisation prepared for the recent shift in practice of hiring remotely? Use our tips to ensure you continue to attract the right talent.

Onboarding remotely: Mapping out an employee induction

Your new hire is geared up to start, but what will their induction look like? In the Robert Walters remote onboarding series, we support employers looking to attract, engage and introduce talent, all from home.
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Onboarding remotely: Why should you still invest in talent?

While investing in the right talent is key to business continuity, for many employers, hiring a remote workforce is navigating completely new territory. Find out why it's important to invest in talent now, more than ever.

In-depth guides

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Remote Hiring

Is your business geared up for remote hiring? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote hiring to learn how to hire the best talent from home.

Remote Onboarding

Is your business geared up for remote onboarding? Download and explore the Robert Walters e-guide to remote onboarding to learn how to hire, engage and onboard talent from home.

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