Hong Kong's Key Technology Hiring Trends - Technology Salary Survey 2019


Aiming to build Hong Kong into a world-class ‘smart’ city, the government announced the Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint in late 2017, presenting a range of strategies to promote innovation and technology in the following five years. Technology has undoubtedly been the biggest driver of jobs growth across every industry sector in 2018 and the demand for digital and technology skill sets continued apace in Hong Kong, showing no sign of slowing in 2019.


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Demand for tech talent across industries

Within the financial services industry, the rapid progress of fintech and digitalisation drives demand for talent specialised in cyber security, data analysis and blockchain to a record high. Beyond financial services, professionals experienced in e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing, blockchain, web development and machine learning are sought after in a range of sectors including technology, sales and marketing, supply chain and logistics.

Competition for tech talent is keen 

Hiring managers have struggled with skills shortages as increasing specialisation within the industry has forced them to look for highly specific candidate profiles. We noticed companies, in particular start-ups, seeking to hire non-local candidates under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates (IANG) scheme in areas such as fintech, blockchain, big data and AI, due to the scarcity of such talent in Hong Kong. 

Mid to senior-level tech professionals were sought to fill project management roles, as were infrastructure specialists such as security architects, network administrators and helpdesk specialists. Developers with DevOps and Agile backgrounds were also required to support systems implementations. 

Employers should consider adopting new digital technologies and platforms to create positive employee experiences, helping to attract and retain employees, in particular millennial. 

Attracting tech talent

While a higher salary is still the main factor in a candidate’s acceptance of an offer, we have also found that an increasing number of candidates in the technology sector are beginning to consider and place more importance on factors such as office culture, state-of the art technology and stock options.


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