Should I stay or should I go?


Thinking of quitting? Make sure you ask yourself these three questions first.

Have I done my research?

When you’re unhappy at work, perhaps because of a manager you’re finding difficult to deal with or frustration over your current pay, it can be tempting to think that the grass is greener on the other side…but is it really?

Be honest with what you want to do and know your limitations. Research which organisations are hiring and how many openings are available. Analyse the pros and cons in comparison to your current role and which aspects would be most beneficial for your career. 

Am I really clear on what I want?

You must ask yourself the right questions when considering your next career move or ways to improve in your existing role. You may not be happy with your manager, your salary, your commute time or the working hours. But are you clear that your feelings about leaving aren’t just about a temporary issue in your current workplace? You’ve got to think clearly about who you are, what currently matters to you and what’s best for your career.

You don’t necessarily have to leave your job to improve your life at work or thrive on new opportunities that may arise. Sometimes you have to be patient as your organisation and team may go through phases of change which will open up new opportunities. Act now to avoid frustration. Be transparent about any challenges you are facing and seek advice from your manager to improve your current situation. 

Have I thought about the bigger picture? 

Have a long term goal of where you want to end up in your career and define a plan of action to get there. It may take time and effort but be patient. Your next step doesn’t mean it is your last one, regardless of your age. Individuals tend to work longer. This isn’t only because of the global trend for people to work longer, but in many cases, because they also want to feel of use. Taking the time to think through options and consider the bigger picture before you make a decision will go a long way.

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