6 tips to help you reduce stress levels at work


Sometimes work can be demanding, and there is an element of stress associated with many modern professional jobs. However, feeling constantly stressed at work can make you chronically unhappy and decrease your productivity, leading to even more stress.

Here are our top tips to help you manage and reduce stress levels at work:



1. Write to-do lists

Prioritising and organising tasks on a weekly or daily basis allows you to break your work down into a series of achievable, bite-size steps. By focusing on priorities, you'll be able to progress through your work without getting caught up in other tasks.

2. Saying 'no' when you have to

It's important you manage the expectations of people around you and don't take on more than you can handle. Simply saying "not now" to tasks that are not a priority means you can reduce your stress levels. These tasks can still go on your to-do list - the important thing is that you are not doing everything at once.

3. Talk to your colleagues

If you are feeling stressed it is important you talk to your colleagues about it. They will be able to offer advice on how to deal with stress and may even be able to help reduce some of your workload.

4. Take a break

Taking a break allows you to come back and take a fresh perspective on your work. Make sure you get up from your desk regularly throughout the day. Heading outside for some fresh air will also help renew your energy and focus.

5. Exercise before or after work

Exercising before or after work helps relieve stress by improving your mental wellbeing. Exercising generates endorphins that increase happiness levels and help you sleep better, giving you a positive perspective on work.

6. Socialise

It's important to socialise outside of work and remove yourself completely from your work environment. Organising social occasions with friends will provide an environment where you can relax without thinking about work.

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