4 ways to make friends in a new role

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Being the new person in a new team can be challenging, here are four tips on how to make friends in a new job.

1. Make the first move

A simple ‘hello’ is the best way to make a new friend. Being the first person to reach out positions you with a friendly and approachable nature that can help you form an early network of contacts.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Being new means that there will probably come a point in the first few weeks that you won’t know what you are doing, how something works or where to find something. This is your perfect opportunity to ask your new colleagues for assistance so that they can help to answer your question. Your new team are likely to encourage you to ask questions as it is your opportunity to talk to people and learn a few things. Just make sure that when your colleagues might need help down the track you are able to help them out in return.

3. Conversation - find things in common

Being new is also your opportunity to ask questions to find out more about your colleagues. Use this as your chance to redirect the spotlight to learn more about them. Most people, are likely ask you questions in return so this will help keep the conversation going

Most people, are likely ask you questions in return so this will help keep the conversation going

Asking your colleagues a question gets the conversation started and is your way to find out if you share any common interests. Maybe you support the same sports teams, enjoy eating certain types of foods or are watching the same TV series. These are also future conversation starters, and can be the foundations of future friendships.

4. Attend out of office events

Spending time with colleagues outside the office is the quickest way to connect and develop friendships that will last. Whether it’s a team night out or team building activity, such events provide a great opportunity to get to know people away from the normal working environment. Always ask if there any social activities happening at lunch times too such as soccer or running as this is an opportunity to bond with the team.

It might seem difficult to make friends when moving to a new company, but if you keep these four tips in mind it should help you settle in, make new friends and enjoy your role.



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