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Discussing project

What questions should you ask your interviewer?

Here are five questions you may want to consider asking the hiring manager who is conducting your next interview.

Preparing for video interviews

Video interviewing isn’t new. Far from it, in fact. Hiring managers and recruitment agents alike have been using tools like this for years now. However, our industry-leading platform just makes it all that easier!

The complete interview guide

Drawing on the knowledge of our expert recruiters we’ve developed this comprehensive guide, designed to help you conduct successful interviews and therefore outshine the competition.

Seven killer interview questions

By preparing confident answers to some of the more common interview questions, you can give yourself the edge over other potential candidates.

Tips for securing your first meeting

After you’ve sent your CV, job seekers often cross their fingers and hope to receive a positive reply. Here are some tips on how to secure your first meeting.

Networking in Hong Kong

Whilst social networking platforms have its advantages in today's workplace, learning to network effectively face to face is important. Read the tips here.