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HR Innovation for Business Transformation in the New Norm

HR Innovation for Business Transformation in the New Norm

Organisations are now leading business transformation in a tremendous pace, where HR leaders are playing a critical role in reshaping the workforce as well as work itself in the new norm.

Create an inclusive culture to attract & retain the best talent

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever. If the ‘war for talent’ is won or lost on company culture, what can be done to transform outdated company cultures into ones which are truly inclusive and desirable to top talent?

Future of sourcing

Sourcing business are facing unprecedented changes and disruptions to their future viability. What’s the biggest challenges for sourcing business? How can you adapt to the changes? How can you prepare for the future of sourcing business? Join our panel discussion to hear more.

Future of work

Join our expert panel for a glimpse into the crystal ball, to see what the future looks like for workforces, workplaces and work itself.

HR webinar: All you need to know about working for Chinese corporations

Join Robert Walters webinar to learn how to be successful as HR in Chinese companies. We’ll invite three senior HR executives across Greater China to share their personal experience working in Chinese corporations and provide tips and advice to those interested to work for these companies.

HR's role in preparing leaders for the new world of work

HR has a responsibility to create the practices that maintain focus, create connectivity and ensure continuity between the most critical partnership in the world of work: that between the team leader and the team member.

The path ahead - rediscovering you

Robert Walters invites career development specialists just add water to this session on reshaping the future to provide tools and models to help us rethink who we could become

Redefining the Future Business Leader

What does it take to lead and navigate your team or organisation in the new normal we are living in? How does one adapt and operate? Do leadership styles need to evolve? Join our panel discussion to hear more.

Burning the Candle: Preventing Workplace Burnout

Today, millions of professionals are part of a global burnout culture. As they try to climb the career ladder, they are faced with more and more messages encouraging them to rise earlier, work harder and even sleep less.