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4 tips for second interviews

For second interviews, the key thing is to be well prepared, alert and ready to talk about yourself, your career and most importantly, what you could bring to the organisation.

Becoming a corporate lawyer

If you are interested in business and finance, and would rather not face a jury on a regular basis, then corporate law may just be the path for you.

Life as a project manager

The professionals tasked with managing these large projects are IT project managers. Here we look at the finer details of the role and the skills required to succeed.

How to use your personal brand statement effectively to differentiate yourselves

You have got your killing personal brand statement, how should you maximise it to make sure you differentiate yourself from the others and win your dream job? Read this article to find out.

How to ask for more money with confidence

A woman’s guide in getting a pay rise – read this interview with the experts in the market.

Tips for a career change to IT

For those looking to enter the field, finding your niche and marketing your skill set in the right way will be crucial to a successful career move.

Researching a company prior to your technology interview

Researching the company you have an interview with is vital to assess whether the role is gong to be the right fit for you.

Why you shouldn't accept a counter offer

Let's face it, counter offers are usually a case of "too little, too late." Once your decision to leave is solidified enough to actually resign, changing your mind can be bad for your own morale and for your relationship with company leadership.

Breaking into IT sales & marketing

If you’re interested in the more creative side of a supposedly ‘technical’ sector, then sales & marketing within information technology is right for you.