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How to establish a connection with your recruiter

In a typical recruitment process, there can be multiple rounds of interviews – one with the recruiter, one with your immediate supervisor and sometimes also with someone from the leadership. At times, we might tend to focus on the latter two interactions and forget that the first impression that we make is usually with the recruiter or someone from the Human Resources.

Practical tips to avoid getting trapped in a job scam

The recent rise in cases of fraudulently scamming job seekers in the pretext of lucrative and high paying jobs has been rather concerning. These job scams can have long lasting and severe effects on your safety and put your personal data at risk of being misused. It is very important to be alert and be aware of whom you are reaching out to for jobs, how they interact with you and how the overall recruitment process pans out, especially when it involves the prospect of relocating overseas.

Key hiring trends defining tech & transformation landscape in 2022

2022 so far has been witnessing a gamut of multifaceted shifts within the tech sector in Hong Kong. On one side the biggest concern is the exodus of skilled talent from Hong Kong, on the other side there is a strong demand for skilled talent in light of increased focus on digitisation and transformation initiatives. In an attempt to stand out and be the employer of choice, companies are going a step beyond to offer more than just competitive salaries to attract and retain talent. In this article, we share a snapshot of key hiring trends and the skills in demand which are defining the technology landscape in 2022.

How do I know if I am culturally fit for a workplace

The kind of company culture you might become a part of can define how your day-to-day life would be like, the potential career progression path you might embark upon and your overall experience working there. Read on to know what you can do get insights on company culture to see how can fit in.

4 reasons to search jobs at the end of the financial year

The beginning of a new financial year brings fresh activity to the job market as projects begin and new goals are set, so it’s actually the best time of year to start a new job. Here are four reasons to search and prepare now.

How to understand if the company cares about ESG

As a candidate, how do you distinguish if a company truly value ESG as a “mindset over must”, and where are the places you could look for to see if a company’s ESG culture align with yours?

How to seek change when encountering a career bottleneck

For many people, there comes a time when their career reaches a point of stagnation. One becomes unsure of where their career is heading and this situation can get a little frustrating. In this article we will share few steps that you could take to breakthrough a career bottleneck.

How to get an overseas internal transfer

Landing that job internationally can be a career defining turn for many people. It comes with its own merits and challenges, but the process to get the job is not that straightforward. It involves meticulous planning which starts months in advance and being all eyes and ears on the next best opportunity. Robert Walters explores two avenues you can utilise to incorporate overseas work into your career.
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Five elements of Holistic Wellness - A comprehensive approach of well-being

The importance of taking care of our mind and body cannot be emphasized enough. With the lifestyle we lead today, the definition of wellness has changed and it now involves varied elements which affect our lives. Here is an insight into adopting holistic wellness as a strategy to take care of our overall well-being.