Adapting to your new legal job


Starting a new legal job can be both, the most exciting and also the most challenging time in your career.  It is important you adapt well to your new work environment and develop good relationships with your new colleagues. 

Robert Walters provides a range of tips on how to survive the adjustment period and similarly a new boss.

Anticipating change

Your first month can tend to be the most difficult, particularly within the fast moving legal industry. In order to transition well, you must be flexible, ready to take on new challenges and able to adjust to a new working environment. A new position also means acquiring a whole new array of relationships, make sure to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. 

Your new boss

Inevitably, you will not only have a change in your workplace but a change in your boss. No two people will ever be the same. Regardless of how well you may have worked with your previous boss, the person you now report in to will undoubtedly have differing priorities and a different management style. Ensure you are open, flexible and accepting of this and you will find the transition a lot smoother.

Make sure to use the first few weeks to fully immerse yourself in the company culture, learning the boundaries and understanding what is common place. 

Understand your boss

Understanding your boss’ communication style early in the process is essential. Make sure to make a point of how they like to work on a day-to-day basis and particularly, how they like things done. For example, preferences for team or individual meetings. Do they have an eye for detail or do they prefer an overview? Make sure you are proactive in having these discussions with them so that you can understand the way they work and so that you can tailor your style accordingly.

Embrace experience

However challenging it is to have a new boss, this time should be embraced. Make sure you look to learn all you can from the new experience and be sure to take as much from the process as possible. Learn everything you can from the experience and try to identify with your boss’s current situation — this time is often as challenging for them as it can be for you.

Immerse yourself in the company culture

Make sure to never assume that what worked in your last place of work will translate into your new legal position. For instance, long lunch breaks and leaving at 5pm sharp may have previously been common practice, however, never assume that this will be the same in your new place of work. Make sure to use the first few weeks to fully immerse yourself in the company culture, learning the boundaries and understanding what is common place. Sometimes, adjusting to the small cultural elements of the position will be the defining factors to ensure a smooth transition.

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