Looking for a technology job? Six tips to make you stand out from the crowd


Looking for a technology job? Top tips to make you stand out from the crowd

No one can refute the importance of performing well at interview. However, in a competitive technology job market you'll need to really stand out from the crowd to get the best job. Here are our top tips.

1. Attention to detail

It may sound obvious, but too often quality technology professionals are let down by their CVs. Remember, first impressions often last, so it’s vital to proof read your CV a number of times as well as have someone else read it before pressing send. Things to watch out for include; spelling and grammar, accuracy of information and formatting and eliminating information which detracts from your key skills and experience.

2. Refining your CV to suit the role

For employers, it’s not hard to spot a CV being spammed across a range of organisations. Hiring managers want to know why you want to work for them and they will expect to this mentioned in your CV and cover letter. To stand out from the crowd, make your CV personal, mentioning your attributes and interests which match the organisational culture alongside your qualifications, skills and accomplishments. Make sure to keep your CV as concise and relevant and possible, imagining yourself in the role and considering where you can add real value. Examples could include cost saving achievements and business partnering skills.

3. Choose your recruiter wisely

Hiring managers want to know why you want to work for them and they will expect to this mentioned in your CV and cover letter. 

Recruiters are often the most well-connected in the industry when it comes to jobs. However not all are the same. Partnering with a specialist technology recruiter who will represent you to the most suitable employers is integral. Fostering an open and responsive relationship from day one will ensure you are kept up to date with the best opportunities in the market.

4. Keep it professional online

Social media has never played a bigger role in hiring than right now – so it’s crucial to make sure your online profile matches the job you are looking for. Your professional social media profile should be an extension of your CV and it wil need a lot of work, updating, and attention to ensure you give off the right impression.

Professional social media networks are a fantastic avenue to showcase your experience and connect with likeminded specialists.

5. Preparation

Preparing for the interview can not only help you land your dream job but give you the best possible insight for what to expect on-the-job. Conducting an adequate amount of research on the company you're considering will not only set you up for a successful interview but allow you to consider whether the fit is right for you. 

6. Network, network, network

Ever heard the saying, ‘It’s not all about what you know, but who you know’?  The technology industry is continually evolving and it is a sector which lends itself to a lot of professional dialogue. Make sure to involve yourself as much as possible through avenues such as conferences, professional social media groups, specialist recruiters and making contact with alumni groups. There are networking opportunities all around us and the more engaged you are, the more this will prove to your prospective employer that you are passionate and committed to your career.

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