Utilising technology in your job search

There are many tools available to help you find the perfect job and showcase your professional achievements - but which ones are best for you and what are the best ways to use them?

When hunting for a new job, using all available sources can help target your job search to find the roles that are just right for you. Here are the different forms of technology, platforms and online tools that can help enhance your IT job search.


Social Media

  • Keep your profile up-to-date with relevant work experience in place across all platforms
  • Broaden your network by searching and connecting with others
  • Place a few supporting recommendations
  • IT social media platforms are changing all the time - make sure you are active on the ones that are relevant to your work


  • Download recruitment job apps to search and apply on the go
  • Edit your CV so it is readable on mobile devices
  • Download the Robert Walters Job Search App
  • Check your worth and what you should be earning with the Robert Walters Salary Checker App


  • Personalise email messages when reaching out to recruiters and companies
  • Attach your digital CV, cover letter and work examples


  • Use programmes and applications available to tweak your CV based on the job and industry
  • Ensure you CV is formatted in the most appropriate manner (creative industries may prefer a different format to other sectors)

Cloud technology

  • Store and access files while you are on the go
  • Share specific examples of your work when requested by recruiters and employers

Using all the tools available to you will help you find the best roles, demonstrate your expertise and why you are right for the role, as well as help recruiters and employers find you.

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