What companies can do to engage top talent in the digital era

Financial institutions and companies hired contract workers more often now than ever before on a project-to-project basis due to strong business confidence and the rapid progress of technological developments. This trend is continuing in 2019 as companies embrace digital transformation and build agile workplaces, boosting demand for contractors who can bridge skills gaps and run projects.

Indeed, the demand and competition for contractors is not confined to the technology space, but is being seen across many business functions that support expanding businesses, including banking operations, human resources, business project management and sales & marketing.

As the demand for high-calibre contractors grows, effective attraction and management strategies become vital to secure the best people. It is important that HR and hiring managers take the time to understand the concerns and manage the expectations of these professionals.



Key findings: 

  • 42% of contractors agree/strongly agree that their current roles require more technological skills and knowledge.  
  • 75% of contractors consider completion bonus as the top motivation to complete the contract
  • However, 64% of contractors were not offered a completion bonus in the current/most recent contracts
  • Offering fringe benefits that contractors value can improve job satisfaction

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