Outlook for recruitment 2015


The Robert Walters Global Salary Survey for 2015 has been released. The annual survey contains recruitment market updates, hiring advice and benchmarks salaries across our global markets.

Here we discuss the outlook for Hong Kong in 2015.



Hiring trends in Hong Kong

As the Hong Kong recruitment market becomes more competitive, we expect to see widespread demand for top-tier professionals and specialists. Management level professionals and trilingual candidates with regional experience remain in short supply – companies looking to attract such talent should move quickly and avoid prolonged recruitment processes. From a retention perspective, hiring managers should focus on offering high-potential employees exposure to other business areas and provide clear career paths and development opportunities. 

Competitive salary offers will also be vital for both recruitment and retention in 2015. In 2014, we saw the biggest salary increases in Hong Kong since 2011. Non-movers received increments of between 4-7%, while high-calibre job-movers often commanded 10-20% increases – although this was seen more at the junior-level than senior. These trends are likely to continue in the year ahead, as we expect the ‘war for talent’ to intensify – particularly among small to medium-sized businesses looking to recover, recruit and grow. 

Companies looking to attract such talent should move quickly and avoid prolonged recruitment processes.

About the Global Salary Survey

Now in its sixteenth edition, the Robert Walters annual Global Salary Survey is the most comprehensive review of professional salaries and recruitment trends around the world.

The comprehensive book, covering 24 countries, is free and covers the UK and Ireland, Continental Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as North and South America.The Global Salary Survey is based on the analysis of permanent, interim and contract placements made across each of our geographies and recruitment disciplines during 2014.

Download the Salary Survey

For a more in-depth look at our expectations for the recruitment market in Hong Kong, download the full version of the 2015 HK Salary Survey.

Compare your salary across a range of global markets and industries. The Salary Survey is also available as an App for download on iOS and Android


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