How we develop our staff


We pride ourselves on providing best in class training throughout our people’s careers with us. We speak to some of our employees about the training they've received since joining Robert Walters.

“Training is continually encouraged, whether you’re an associate, consultant or senior consultant, you’re always going to have training. Everyone’s here to help and from that I’ve learned a lot.” Jordanna Wells, associate consultant.

Starting out

When people first join the business, they undergo a great deal of training, from structured programmes covering formal skills, ongoing mentoring from senior members of staff, peer learning and specially commissioned video learning. Training begins on day one with an extensive induction process, which ensures employees understand the business and our values.

“When you first start, there’s a very organised training plan comprising of a group induction and one-on-one subject matter sessions with your manager and senior consultants. While some in-house training is the same for every division, such as client calling, headhunting and interview preparation, other training is specific to your industry. Training is also a great opportunity to meet other people who are new to the business.” Megan Prosser, consultant, projects division.


We strive to provide fully rounded training on every aspect of the recruitment process as well as in-depth industry training. This is particularly important for graduates. Associate consultant and recent grad, Alicia Loates, talks about the training she’s received:

“The training has been brilliant. When I first started I had an intense two week course in which I think I learnt more than I’ve ever learnt in my life. This covered the whole 360 degree process of placing a candidate in a role as well as in-depth industry training. We then had on the desk coaching, where I sat between my manager and a senior consultant, so I could continuously ask questions.”

Oliver Harris



Watch Oliver talk about how we develop our people.

On the desk training

Along with classroom style workshops there is also more ‘hands on’, practical training. Managers are involved in designing and delivering this training to ensure that learning is implemented on a daily basis. Stuart Gordon, a consultant in our sales division, talks about the benefits of practical training:

“I’ve most enjoyed the training you do on the job - when you first go along to client and candidate meetings. For me personally, the best way to learn is to get stuck in and learn by doing - something that the business gave me an opportunity to do.”

A team based approach

“One of the best things about Robert Walters is that you can get help outside of your immediate team, so if you’re trying to place a role, you can ask someone from another team for help. Everyone looks out for each other.” James Allan, associate consultant, finance contract division.

All of our training starts with a team based approach, ensuring our people are given support right from the outset. We ensure that training is conducted by managers and senior consultants and we also have a buddy system where people are mentored from staff on different teams. Our team approach gives us greater stability as a business, as everyone works together to instil in each team member the right way to do things - that in turn delivers value. Megan Prosser continues:

“There’s a very strong support culture, so you know that if you have a question you can ask a peer, manager, or anyone from the support teams and they will always go out of their way to help you.”

Training is vital to the success of the Group and in making sure the same standards are focused wherever you are within the business.

Training throughout your career

We believe in developing people right throughout their careers with us. As people progress within the business, they will receive manager training and will continue to attend external workshops, where they might be sent off site to work on a particular aspect of the recruitment process.

“Training really doesn’t stop at any stage during your career here. I’ve been with the business 17 years and only last month was on an offsite training course. It’s something that is vital to the success of the Group and in making sure the same standards are focused wherever you are within the business” Oliver Harris, CEO, Resource Solutions.

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