Recruitment careers in Malaysia

Amanda Lee

Amanda Lee is a manager, specialising in recruiting sales and marketing positions within the FMCG, retail, consumer electronics and multi-level marketing industries. She talks about her move into recruitment, what she enjoys about the role and the culture in our Kuala Lumpur office.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the recruitment business and my portfolio. Specifically, I like the momentum and variety of this role as I get the opportunity to work on many different assignments at once. I also enjoy building relationships with clients and candidates at all levels – from junior executives all the way up to senior managers. 

Why did you make the move into recruitment?

Before I joined Robert Walters, I was part of the graduate trainee programme at L’Oréal for a year. During that time, I gained exposure to different sectors such as sales, marketing and HR. I was also involved in employer branding initiatives aimed at attracting young talent to the business. This piqued my interest and motivated me to enter the field of recruitment consulting where I could directly source and hire talent. 

What challenges did you face moving into recruitment?

I must say I transitioned into the job pretty easily. However, along the way there were a few challenges. I started off working only on junior positions. The market was very active – I was handling 25 positions at once. Shortly after that I took up a more senior portfolio, where I was recruiting for senior positions including general manager roles. This new portfolio helped me to develop my gravitas and I became much more confident in speaking to professionals who were more senior than me. 

What are the best things about working for Robert Walters? 

From a recruitment perspective, I would have to say it is the brand name. Robert Walters has established itself as an ethical and renowned recruiter and this encourages candidates, especially passive jobseekers, to engage with us. Our brand also makes it easier for us to approach clients and candidates as most are already aware of our presence in the market and have heard our name. 

Another aspect which I love about the company is the leadership training opportunities it provides. We are trained regularly and consistently, no matter which region we are working in. While each consultant is also empowered to develop his or her leadership style later, we are provided with basic management training which really helps you develop in your role.

How would you describe the culture in the Kuala Lumpur office?

There are about 70 people in the Kuala Lumpur office, including the support team. The culture is great. It is very teamwork oriented and we function as a close-knit family. We share a strong camaraderie, with consultants from different functions regularly referring suitable clients and candidates to each other. Our directors are also very approachable and encourage open communication and transparency. 

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

In my first year at Robert Walters Malaysia, I emerged as the company’s top biller in both placements and billing. In addition, I was the only qualifier locally to our global incentive trip to Miami. 

What does it take to be a successful recruiter?

I think to succeed in recruitment, you need to be passionate, agile and fearless. You also need to be able to self-reflect regularly. For example, you may receive regular training, but it is up to you to decide how you implement that in your role daily in a way that works for your style. Sometimes, all it takes to succeed is to follow the basics of what you have been taught. 

You also have to create your own recruiter equity, which involves building your own personal brand, being consistent and reliable in your services. If you are a credible recruiter and have established trust with your clients and candidates, it will be easy for you to progress. Grit and perseverance also help.


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