From Madrid to New York

Clara Ramírez

Clara Ramírez joined Robert Walters in 2015 as an IT recruitment consultant in our Madrid office. After two years in the role, she’s recently transferred to our New York office as a senior technology consultant. She shares how the business supported her move and her expectations for this exciting next step in her career.


Why did you decide to move internationally?

I felt ready for a new challenge and thought moving to a new country offered an excellent opportunity to push myself and develop professionally. Before joining Robert Walters, I worked for an IT recruiter based in New York for a short period to improve my English. It was a fantastic experience and I learnt a lot, so I was keen to work for a company where international opportunities are a realistic prospect. At Robert Walters, there’s plenty of scope for staff who have performed well to transfer to an office overseas.

What interested you about New York?

I’d already had some exposure to the New York market and lifestyle through my previous work experience so I knew it was where I wanted to be. As an IT specialist recruiter, the American market presents an exciting challenge and New York in particular is experiencing a technological boom, making it one of the main destinations for top tech talent. As a result, the company is investing heavily in IT recruitment and I was keen to be part of the action. It’s an exciting time to join and I’m really looking forward to helping grow this area of the business.

How did Robert Walters support your move abroad?

I really enjoyed working in the Madrid office, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge of the technology sector by experiencing a new market. After initially expressing my interest in joining the New York team, I received excellent support from my managers to help me achieve this goal; from guidance with the interview process to helping me maintain my visa and even hotel accommodation during my first week in New York.

My new manager and team have also been incredibly welcoming and I’ve had the flexibility to fit my work around apartment hunting. Finding accommodation in New York isn’t easy, so being able to take the time I need to find a new home has made it a lot easier to settle into New York living.

What do you expect from this new professional experience?

I’m looking forward to venturing into a new market, observing the latest trends and working with new profiles and leading companies in the sector. I’m also very excited to share experiences with my new colleagues and experience new ways of working which I can also share with my colleagues in Spain.

What’s the culture like in the New York office?

The New York office is considerably smaller than the team in Spain, but everyone is just as friendly and hard-working. Our managing director has an open-door policy which really helps to create a positive working environment, where everyone feels able to share their opinion and that their contribution is valued. It’s also a very social office - despite only joining a few weeks ago, I’ve enjoyed several opportunities to get to know my colleagues outside of the office!

What advice would you give to people considering an international move?

If you’re looking for a challenge that will allow you to widen your market knowledge and skill set, then an international move is definitely worth considering. It’s a big step, so researching characteristics of the market and the local area is crucial to making the right move. One of the big advantages of working for an international company like Robert Waters is that you have both the opportunity and support you need to make a move that will truly enhance your career.

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