From London to Manhattan

Mitchell Cornish

Mitchell Cornish started his career with Resource Solutions, our recruitment process outsourcing business, in 2013 as an on-site Associate Recruiter at an investment banking client in London.

After multiple promotions and international assignments, Mitchell’s ambition has now led him across the pond to the United States where he is currently a Resourcing Business Partner based in New York City. We asked Mitchell about his global career journey and his move to Manhattan.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider works as an extension of a company's HR department. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, recruiters from an RPO will sit onsite and take full ownership of the client's entire recruitment process.

What attracted you to Resource Solutions initially?

I was previously working for another RPO company on-site with one of their financial services clients in London. I had been speaking with one of my client stakeholders who was moving on to another company that would be working with Resource Solutions as their RPO provider.

Out of curiosity, I looked them up. I found that Resource Solutions was highly rated by their clients and employees and that they were actively recruiting across several sectors globally. I was impressed with their unique approach to outsourcing and plans for international expansion. I was keen to be a part of a growing business and help facilitate that growth.

Describe your career progression path within the company.

Initially, I joined the business in a temporary capacity and just a few months into my contract was offered a permanent role as a Vendor Recruiter. A few months later, I took on a larger remit as I was promoted to Resourcing Partner and hired my first direct report.

As Resource Solutions grew, so did my opportunities. I went on secondment to India where I was the first Resource Solutions employee on the ground, working with our leadership team to help set up our office in Hyderabad. I also got the opportunity to travel to Pune, Noida, Chennai and Mumbai. Six months later I went onto my second international secondment to Lithuania, where I lead the resourcing for our client’s expansion into the region.

I have worked for several other great organisations before, however not one of them has made me feel like such a significant part of everything that they do.
Describe how your move to America came about.

My manager at the time asked if I would be interested in another secondment opportunity, this time in the United States. Weeks into the assignment it became apparent that the role would be needed on a longer-term basis, so I put my hand up to move into the role permanently.

How did Resource Solutions support your move abroad? What was that process like?

The process itself was seamless and from my initial application to my first day in NYC was a little over two months. Resource Solutions provided me with a great relocation package, starting with my visa application, which was a surprisingly painless process. I received step-by-step support with everything I needed to do. Once I had the visa, everything else I needed – including flights and accommodation – was ready to go.

What’s it like to live in New York City?

The evening I landed I remember driving down the freeway from the airport into Manhattan in a quintessentially New York yellow taxi. When the cityscape came into view, I pinched myself in disbelief – I was really here in The Big Apple.

My description of how amazing New York is will not do it justice. However, I will say is this - every story you have heard, every landmark that you have seen in pictures or the movies is exactly as amazing as you would expect it to be.

What advice do you have for any of your colleagues considering an international move?

If you have the opportunity to work internationally in a location that appeals to you, do not hesitate, take it! You won’t be disappointed. The experience will open doors for you.

What do you like most about the Resource Solutions company culture?

During my time here I have always been made to feel like a valued member of the Resource Solutions family. I have worked for several other great organisations before, however not one of them has made me feel like such a significant part of everything that they do.


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