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Marco Hermle

Marco Hermle joined Robert Walters as a consultant in 2012. Due to his exceptional performance, within a year and a half he was promoted to senior consultant and is currently manager of our Frankfurt office.

He talks to us about his career progression so far, why the Frankfurt office is a great place to work, and why a career in recruitment could be for you.

How did you get into recruitment?

"I was looking to change careers and do something a bit different - I wanted to find a company that had good infrastructure, where there was potential to grow my career and where I could achieve something great. I first considered recruitment after speaking to a friend who worked in the industry. I thought it sounded really interesting and a role in which there would be a lot of opportunities to work closely with very senior people.

I did some research into companies in Germany and Robert Walters stood out for me because it was a global player with a recognised brand name. I interviewed with other German firms but was ultimately sold on Robert Walters because of its position in the marketplace, the fact that it has a global presence, and because I would be working with a really good team.

How has your career progressed since you joined Robert Walters?

I started my career with Robert Walters as a consultant in 2012 and during the years that followed I built a really good network, gained an in-depth understanding of the business and had a lot of success in placing candidates. As a result of that success, within a year and a half I was promoted to senior consultant, and two years after that was promoted to manager and am now in charge of the Frankfurt office.

What are some of the benefits of working at Robert Walters?

One of the main things that sets Robert Walters apart is that there is a really clear path to progress your career, and you’re supported in that development. On a personal level, I love getting to work in a global business; yesterday I was on the phone to someone in Singapore, today, someone in France - it’s really great to work at that international level and with a mix of people worldwide. We’re also lucky in Robert Walters to have a strong candidate base and to work with top clients. As well as that you can make a lot of money if you perform well.

Describe the culture in the Frankfurt office

We’re really like a family in the Frankfurt office - it’s very much a team-based environment. We have great perks like weekly fruit basket deliveries, annual sports days and team events - where we leave the office early to do something fun like laser tag, paintballing, drinks or a meal in a top restaurant. There are incentives such as weekend trips away to European destinations (last year we went to Ibiza). 

What opportunities are there currently in Frankfurt?

In Frankfurt we have a boutique business, so there is a genuine opportunity to have a fast growing career. We’re currently looking for professionals across all of our divisions; sales, finance and banking & financial services. We’re also potentially looking to expand into new divisions in the future.

If you’re looking to work somewhere with huge opportunities to develop your career and high earning potential, options to work internationally, a great culture, and a strong name in the marketplace, then a career in recruitment at Robert Walters could be for you."

If you’re looking for a career with high earning potential, opportunities to work abroad and a great culture, then recruitment could be for you.


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